Black Rock Shooter


Black Rock Shooter

The main character in the Black ★ Rock Shooter created by Ryohei Huke. 

Orignal name: Black ★ Rock Shooter aka BRS or Rock

Character Price: 6000 gold, OR 45 Blue Diamonds


Mandarin introduction here

Remember this is just a quick translating

Skill 1: Machine gun mode 

Passive - Increase atk range

Active: Piercing atk, further increase range, increase AS

Skill 2: Blue feather / True blue feather

Active Blue Feather: Increase ms, untargetable, can manually active true blue feather

Active True Blue Feather: consume 1 heart bond, next 4 auto atk have crit, air vision & stealth detection

Skill 3: Absolute repression

Passive:  Enemy heroes cast skill (something), BRS auto atk reduce armor (or something), and reduce active skill cooldown by 2 second (i guess)

Active: Shoot a photon ball explode on impact, more range more dmg

Ultimate: Massive Photon Cannon

Shoot straight, get increase ms from the number of hit

Passive: Heart bond

In 9 range, increase hp regen for each instance, each heroes dead give an instance(unconfirmed)

Need to consume 1 instance to active True Blue Feather

Black Rock Shooter Spotlight Edit

300 Heroes - Black Rock Shooter Hero Spotlight04:30

300 Heroes - Black Rock Shooter Hero Spotlight

300 Heroes - Insane Black Rock Shooter Skin Review03:53

300 Heroes - Insane Black Rock Shooter Skin Review

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