Characters that are extremely similar or identical to characters from League of Legends. This refers to the characters powers/skills ONLY, and not necassarily to their bio. Characters that are identical in all things including art/backstory/powers would also be listed under Exact Copies, however, there are none.

Heroes and who they are a copy of:

  • Ainu - Nidalee
  • Archibald - Ahri
  • Dorothy - Ryze
  • HaoKaja - Ashe
  • Kallas - Tryndamere
  • Kress - Shaco
  • Kula Diamond - Karthus
  • Medea - Janna
  • Mochizuki - Sivir
  • Mu Li - Nunu
  • Pig - Malphite
  • Shadow - Katarina
  • Shasang - Jarvan IV
  • Sun Xiaomei - Riven
  • Sylvanas Windrunner - Vayne
  • Tian Tian - Xerath
  • Tony Tony Chopper - Annie
  • Ultraman - Ezreal
  • Wall-E - Rumble


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