Crit Chance is a stat that gives you a possiblity of dealing double damage on your attacks. Certain heroes in the game gain bonus's from Crit Chance.

Image Name Price Description
Strength Potion
400 Increases Attack Damage by 10, Attack Speed by 20% and Crit Chance by 10% for 180 seconds.
Brawlers Glove
Brawlers Glove 400 Increases Crit Chance by 7%.
Avarice Blade
*Avarice Blade 750

Increases Crit Chance by 11%.

Unique Passive: +30bonus gold each kill, +12 bonus gold each assist

Cloak Of Agility
*Cloak Of Agility 830 Increases Crit Chance by 16%
*Zeal 1195 Increases Movement Speed by 6%, Attack Speed by 18% and Crit Chance by 9%.
Atma's Impaler
*Atma's Impaler 2355

Increases Armor by 45, Crit Chance by 18%.

Unique Passive: Increases Attack Damage by 1.5% of maximum health.

Phantom Dancer
*Phantom Dancer 2895 Increases Movement Speed by 10%, Attack Speed by 55%, and Crit Chance by 30%.

Hp +200, AD + 40, Crit chance +10%

Unique Passive: Auto atk -15AD, -25AP for 3s, stack 3 times

Youmu's Ghostblade 2750

AD +30, Crit Chance +15%

Unique Active: +20% movespeed and +50% attack speed for 8 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

Unique Passive: +20 Def Penetration, +15% CD reduce


AD +40, Move Speed +6%, Attack Speed +30%, Critical Chance +15%

Unique Active: Put up 3 shield, each can block 1 damage instance, shield exist for 3 sec.

Infinity Edge 3830

AD +80, Critical Chance +25%

Unique Passive: Critical Multiplyer is now 250%

Trinity Force 4030

HP +250, Mana +250, AD +30, AP +30, Move Speed +10%, Attack Speed +30%, Critical Chance +15%.

Unique Passive: On Skill use next basic attack deals an extra 150% AD.

Unique Passive: On hit 20% chance to slow target for 30% for 2.5 seconds.


AD +100, Critical Chance +25%

Unique Passive: Critical multiplier is 275%

Unique Passive: 15 Energy layers on obtaining. Every kill increase 1 layers. Max 25 layers. Death lose 5 layers. Each layers +1% AD


AD +20, Move Speed +10%, Attack Speed +80%, Defense +30

Unique Passive: stack up to 40 layers. Each layer increase 2% AS 1% crit chance. Every normal atk reduce 2 layers.

  • Unsure of name but this appears to be the closest approximation.

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