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Here, you will learn to how Download and Install the game.

Creating an Account/Downloading the GameEdit

MichaelS271Added by MichaelS271

Step 1) Go here Refer to the left side of the image on the right for the english translation.

Step 2) Type in your username and password in the first two boxes. The 3rd and 4th boxes are the "Real Name" and "ID" boxes. In these, you need to put one name and ID from the following lists.

Names: 游鱼网 - 迅雷 - 中关村游戏网 - 骄阳 - 叶子猪

IDs: 310109198002147295 - 310109198002142734 - 310109198002141598 - 622723198602013412

Any Name and ID from this list should work. Then, enter the code and click the large yellow button.

Step 3) If you now see your username in green lettering, you've succesfully created your account. Now, select the 2nd tab with the large number 2. Here, you will be brought to another page with a download link. Download the game.

Step 4) After downloading, unzip the .exe and run it. Yes, again it's in Chinese. However, if you've ever installed another program on Windows, it should be easy as it goes through the same order (Accepting terms of service, asking for folder locations, creating a desktop shortcut, etc."

Step 5) Start the game! If you need help Navigating the Chinese Menus, click this link .

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