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Here, you will learn to how Download and Install the game.

Note: Everything in this game including the website, install, client, etc, is in Chinese or is will come up as strange characters and symbols (example: %^*#$). While there is no translation, everything is still usable through trial and error.

Creating an AccountEdit

Video demonstrating how to register:

How to register in 300 heroes in under 5 minutes05:32

How to register in 300 heroes in under 5 minutes

  • Step 2} Click the second tab above everything with the mail icon.
  • Step 3) Enter an email, password, and verification code, then hit the big orange button to confirm.

You're done.


300 heroes website

  • Step 2) Click the bright yellow button on the left, or the one next to the words "Download". Check the bottom left of your screen to make sure that the link you are going to reads something that includes "300" and ".zip".

Installing the gameEdit

  • 1. Open the zip file with winzip or some such thing and extract the exe file.
  • 2. Run the exe file.
  • 3. Follow the steps on screen.

If you are still confused or worried about which buttons to press, here's a video of the installation:

Installing 300 heroes 201407:29

Installing 300 heroes 2014

If you need help Navigating the Chinese Menus, click this link .

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