High Ping Problem = long reaction for your Hero to react?Edit

I suggest using "WTFast", my ping was from 450 to 70~100 range, sometime it does spike up for a moment but not always.

If you experiecne random disconnection often because of the server you choose? Change it

VV Example VV

I'm from Singapore, there is SG1~8, I pick 7 and some match, often give me random dc, when I pick 8, very rare.

I hope this helps for those who want have fun in this game

Mini Histoire (talk) 13:56, October 22, 2014 (UTC)

People that are playing this gameEdit

Hello everyone, I was thinking of making this, just so anyone can know if anyone is playing the same server or not.

  • ネプテューヌV ( Sword Art Online )
  • EnglishPlayer ( Unlimited Blade Works )
  • VWhipV         (Shana)

I hope this is will keep been updating or have it's own page, right now, I want to currently fix any small or wrong

Chinese guy here Edit

I'm masterfu678 on Server 1.

Looks like this page got a LOT of work ahead,

I already edited some of the sections, basically a note of adding friends (currently the friendlist system still needs work) and the gamemodes explanation.

When I have time, I will add all the champion's ability information as well as the items information. I will also add my in game screenshots, which has proper chinese characters.

I'm not an expert in League of Legends, so when I added the items' information, it will be you guys who will compare the items with LoL's items.

Huge Lag Edit

Does anyone else get huge intermittent lag spikes? Some games everything will run fine at a solid 200 ping the whole time, others it will run for 20minutes and then suddenly spike to 5000 ping unless i restart the client and then it runs for 5min more (if that) before spiking back up. 22:45, January 5, 2014 (UTC)

I get lag spikes on server 1 where every minute or so I wil basically dc for like ten seconds and then my ping is awful for up to 5 minutes and then I have solid ping again.

on server 3 I never have lag issues its just solid 200-300+ ping.

Fartybrando (talk) 13:01, February 20, 2014 (UTC)


Installed the game just like in the wiki today, created an account just like says here in the wiki and tried to log-in.

No success at all, created another account and tried again, no success...

Raged and searched for help or developers' email, nothing...

So please, anyone who plays this in a while, help me with this crap... When i try to log-in it says some sort of error...
Help 2

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